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The history behind SOY-KING


It all started as wholesaling when Børge Nielsen was importing several well known brands to Denmark. In the beginning of the 60:s he also began to import soy sauce from America, that some years later led to the start of producing soy sauce. Børge decided in 1972 to specialize in the soya business. He began to build a plant for this special production and moved the production to the plant in 1974.


Later on his son took over the business and he transferred it to his daughters in 1996. The family Møller Christensen acquired the activity in 2005. Source Foodproduction have for some period looked for activities that fit into our business structure and in July 2014 we bought SOY-KING from the Family Møller Christensen. Source Foodproduction moved the SOY-KING production from Denmark to the plant in Sjöbo in Skåne mid September 2013.

Source Foodproduction a subsidiary owned by SourceFood AB. Source Food is a minor private owned company. All production and sales is made in the subsidiary and have 3 parts:


  • Production of brands owned by principals.

  • Production and sales of owned brands

  • Production and sales of owned products to industry and private label


SOY-KING is very important for us both as own brand as well as industrial sales. We produce 500.000 liter soy sauce yearly. The product has a good reputation by larger food producers in Denmark. It also has a strong position in the food trade in Finland. Besides the 2 markets the product is exported to Norway, Island and Faroe Islands. The Swedish market is still virgin and we are working to increase our attendance here. Quality wise we have a good position since our plant has BRC grade A.

The current activity


SOY-KING : Soy sauce at home, to food service and industry

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