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SOY-KING Soy Sauce selection

SOY-KING soy sauce is natural free from gluten and could be used by people how have an intolerance for gluten. It can also replace other soy sauce. SOY-KING has a pure flavor from soy and the food industry prefer this product as ingredient when making suces, marinades, and readymade meals of various kinds. Try SOY-KING instead of salt and feel the smooth taste of salt that makes it to a perfect all-round flavor at the dinner table. There is a number of flavors from SOY-KING as Original, Garlic, Chili, Mushroom, and the sweet variety Ketjap Manis.

SOY-KING Soy Sauce Original

The traditional soy sauce to spring rolls, but also as spice for marinades, dressings and more. Goes also well with dishes from rice as Sushi. Try it instead of salt.


SOY-KING Soy Sauce Garlic

Used where a delicate garlic flavor is desired, preferably mixed in dishes of sausage or as a table condiment


SOY-KING Soy Sauce Mushroom

Try it when preparing a tasty gravy or nice sauce


SOY-KING Soy Sauce Organic.

To be used as Soy-King Soy Saoce Original.

Where and when to you use



SOY-KING : Soy sauce at home, to food service and industry

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